Founded in 2009, Double Kappa serves a list of prominent clients in a wide array of industries – including family offices, financial services, technology, design, and real estate companies – and helps them turn challenges into boundless opportunities.

With more than 20 years of experience, we apply real world perspectives to develop a sound strategy, define a marketing approach and improve processes, in order to create opportunities for clients throughout every stratum of their business.

We define a bold vision that is backed by definitive plans and then careful execution. We create a strategic plan with a structured process to provide a roadmap to organize and coordinate every project from inception through completion. We provide guidance on clarifying goals and business objectives through constant communication. And we ensure measurable results by constantly evaluating our objectives against our successes.

Double Kappa brings together under one roof a complete list of services starting with strategic planning, hard-core analysis, operational realism, commercial acumen and creativity. We work with our clients’ strategy and innovation teams to define growth platforms, frame evolutionary approaches, and develop new products and services. Our practice helps our clients make more informed and profitable decisions.