About Double Kappa

About Double Kappa

Swiss army knife. Quarterback. Special sauce.

These are just some of the metaphors people have used to describe the work of Double Kappa. Whatever moniker you choose, the gist, of course, is that Double Kappa does whatever it takes
to make sure each client gets what they require to address their specific needs. Double Kappa applies comprehensive, diversified business solutions and understanding to key strategic decisions and management of family offices. We strive to bring stability and operational excellence to drive efficiencies and to future-proof organizations in a quickly changing world.

We create an ecosystem to support family-office operations. We understand where potential areas of friction lie and create a specialized solution for each family office client to smooth the road. Our deep understanding of how our clients’ business interests and financial goals intersect with their personal needs enables us to guide them through the most critical milestones in their personal and business lives.

Our extensive experience enables us to effectuate significant change and enhance stability so that we can empower our clients to make the best decisions for the long term. Our methodology for evaluating opportunities and assessing risk offers solutions to improve overall earnings and preserve liquidity. As trusted advisers, we also undertake strategic, multi-jurisdictional counseling roles to assist with our clients’ affairs.

Family offices continue to be the preferred way for high-net-worth individuals and families to manage assets and support the goals and legacy of their families. We build multi-generational relationships with our clients’ teams and advisors to understand and cultivate the family’s definition of success; we do so by creating roadmaps to drive the efficiency and transparency needed to be successful today, while being flexible enough to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Confidentiality and trust are top concerns of family offices, and we are committed to serving with the utmost integrity.