With a background in finance, operations, and technology, Double Kappa applies a comprehensive business and marketing understanding to key strategic decisions, and, in so doing, helps clients balance their overall vision, assess risks, procure financing, and achieve successful execution.

Our deep knowledge of business development and operations, our awareness of current trends in design, family office, the financial sector, and our established business relationships are our added value. Double Kappa provides the vision and the framework. We work with our clients to establish clear objectives and an executable action plan with achievable milestones. It is simple: our goal is to help our clients meet their goals.

Businesses today face many new challenges. A well-constructed plan can allow a company to improve overall cash flow and provide a better understanding of what drives profitability. Our extensive experience enables us to effectuate significant change and enhance financial stability, empowering our clients to make better decisions for long-term profitability. Our unique methodology for evaluating business opportunities have developed goal-oriented metrics that offer solutions to improve brand identity, earnings, and preserve liquidity.

Our brand of business consultancy takes many forms; it is always tailored to the individual client’s needs and goals, but generally includes the following aspects:

Business Development & Representation
  • Market penetration and implementation plans
  • Marketing strategies and new project sourcing
  • Proprietary tools for project pricing, scope analysis and project management
  • Resources/manpower analysis
  • Product development and licensing programs
  • Product design collaborations
  • Alliance and partnership creation
  • New deal origination and negotiation
  • Operations and financial management advisory
  • COO/CFO for hire – Family Offices and companies
  • Proposal development and agreement structures
  • Contract negotiations
  • Assessment of existing operations methods to achieve efficiencies
  • Custom finance and project management tools
  • Proprietary dashboards and reporting tools
  • Technology, digital and cybersecurity audit and implementation
  • Brand development and strategy implementation
  • Human resources procedures and cost matrices
  • Strategic visioning with risk management
  • Public relations and marketing guidance
Financial Advisory
  • Profitability enhancement
  • Corporate and personal financial management
  • Accounting, tax strategies, and multi-generational planning
  • Budget and cash flow management strategies
  • Income strategies
  • Profit margin analysis for billing and FF&E procurement
  • Capital markets and financing sources analysis
  • Asset, estate and wealth management planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due-diligence
  • Turnaround planning and implementation
  • Business process engineering
  • Financial and operational analysis focused on overhead reduction strategies
  • Realignment and streamlining of practices to maximize personnel and technology resources
  • Management advisory services