Our Services

Our added value is our deep knowledge in finance, operations management, and technology, our awareness of current family office trends in the financial sector, and our established business relationships. Our advisory services are highly personalized and designed to meet each family and business’s needs and goals.

Our brand of Family Office Advisory takes many forms; it is always tailored to the individual client’s needs and goals but generally includes the following aspects:

Family Office Leadership
Wealth Planning & Estate Planning
Risk Assessments
Philanthropic Services
Lifestyle and concierge services
Family Office Technology & Data Protection
Specialized Services

I cannot say enough good things about Mordy Kubany. He is that rare combination of extremely creative and highly structured. He came in to run my family office and established a clear organizational system, protocols, and criteria that have cleared the path for extensive growth since. His judgment is flawless, and his creativity knows no bounds. I’m forever grateful to him for what he did for my business and family office.

-Elie Tahari-

We hired Double Kappa and Mordy Kubany to help move our family office to the next level, and that is precisely what we accomplished. Mordy is the real deal – he is an expert in family offices who can simultaneously create the systems to allow for growth while designing the creative strategy for that growth.

-Multi Family Office-